Experience Grönsöö

A living Swedish cultural heritage environment, managed by the von Ehrenheim family

  • Guided tours in the palce interior by a family member, with its unique collection of antiques.
  • Discover one of Swedens most beautiful gardens.
  • See our unique exhibitions.
  • Eat and drink well in our lakeside café.
  • Enjoy a wonderful wilderness quite near our capital.


Apple Festival

Fri-Sun 20-22 of september 10am-4pm

Apple Festival and season finale! Sales of apples, apple juice, apple exhibit, theme exhibits, lectures, and café with homemade apple cake.

Grönsöö Manor

The von Ehrenheim family home at Gronsoo represents a rich and diverse example of Swedish fine arts and handicrafts from three centuries

Grönsöö have always been the home for its owners, which it still is. The manor have never been completly rebuilt, but have been continously developed owner by owner, generation by generation. Traces from all timeperiods have therefore continously been preserved in a today most unusual way.

What is really special with Grönsöö today, besides it still is a family home, is the rich collection of inventory with furniture, books, paintings and artpieces that still is intact in the manor. They ar not collected at a certain time, but have been inherited in long lines of inheritance in the von Ehrenheim, von Engeström, Benzelius, Benzelstierna, von Baumgarten and Blomstedt families.

Experience a guided tour by a member of the von Ehrenheim family in a more and more unusual collection of antiques in its proper environment!


Grönsöö Manor garden

Gronsoo Palace, built in 1611 by Chancellor Johan Skytte, was surrounded from the very beginning by gardens, which were developed successively and today offer a unique view of Swedish garden history. A visitor on a guided tour of the gardens can see traces and structures from at least five different periods of Swedish garden architecture.

Grönsöö Manor garden recieved 2005 an honourable third place in the competion "Swedens most beautiful garden". Here some of the comments:

"An unusual well preserved historical garden with structures from 17th century until today. Wellpreserved, beautiful and atmospheric."

"Unbeatable beautiful with the chineese pagoda at the lakeside!"

Experience the garden on your own. Beside the entrance ticket machine you find a written guide to the gardens, with which you can appreciate the five historical timelayers in the garden


The grounds

The lake Mälaren nature that enclose Grönsöö Manor is breathtaking

Experience the beautiful nature arond the Manor an Gardens trough our 2,5 km naturetrail that starts at the parking. You will see forests, fields, and an unusual beautiful lakeside part with cliffs and old pinetrees. Take a swim in the lake at the cliffs.


the light at Grönsöö

Themeexhibition in the stable 2024

The sun and the moon was for a long time mankind's only sources of light. Eventually we learned to tame fire and in doing so the first lighting objects were constructed. When Grönsöö Palace was decorated for the first time in the early 1600s, one was compelled to capture daylight and glow from the fire in fireplaces and stoves. Lamps, candlesticks and candelabras with tallow candles and tapers and eventually stearic candles were placed where they were most needed. Mirrors and mirror sconces helped to multiply the light like the prisms in the chandeliers in the 1700s. Life was ruled at that time by the light, when the sun came up, and when it went down. In the late 1700s came the oil lamp, some fifty years later, the kerosene lamps was constructed. 1880, Thomas Edison made the first light bulb for electricity. Not until 1921 did the electric light came to Grönsöö.

"Carl Gustaf von Ehrenheim 1929-2023"

Memorial exhibition 2024

Carl Gustaf von Ehrenheim vas born at Gronsoo. He managed Gronsoo from 1954. He owned the estate 1971-1993. Then the innovative constuction wit Gronsoo Cultural and historic foundation was established.

In early years at Gronsoo he joined the local parrish as layman. over the years he perfomed duties both locally, regional and nationally for the Swedish church. As chairman of the national assembly of the church of Sweden, he was crucial in the new relations between the church and the goverment in 2000. He had extensive international and ecumenical missons based upon his assignment as treasurer of the Lutheran world federation.

The exhibition reflects on his work to preserve Gronsoo as a national Heritage and his sevices for the Church of Sweden

Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition shows the carriages, the sledges and the craftsmens tools from older times at Grönsöö. There is also an exhibition of the 17th century history of the manor.


The old distillery from the 18th century now accommodates our cafe.

We serve coffee, sandwiches and pastries some of which are homemade here at Grönsöö. We also serve light lunch dishes. Welcome to enjoy the Goulash soup made of venison. We also serve different salads. Enjoy our own applejuice together with the lake view.


The giftshop is located in the old stable together with the exhibitions.

In our giftshop you will find our applejuice, books, gifts and here you can purchase the entrance tickets.

Group visits

We admit preebooked groups from May trough September.

Guided tour of the palace in english
Guided tour of the von Ehrenheim home and the historic collections, Each group max 50 persons. Price for the long tour (1hrs) SEK 230 per person. Short tour (30 min) SEK 170/person minimum 10 persons. Please note: the number of tours available is limited. (If the group exceeds 25 persons we divide the group into two and show the palace and the exhibitions or the gardens in rotation)

Guided tour of Gronsoo manor garden, the Chinese Pagoda and flower garden,1-hour.
Price SEK 90 per person, minimum 10 persons.

Coffee and meals in the Distillery
Coffee or tea with cakes or sandwich by prior arrangement. Price SEK 90SEK per person. Buffet lunches arranged through catering. E.g. pickled salmon with salad, bread and butter, beer or mineral water, coffee and. Price SEK 240 per person. Evening arrangements with dinner e.g. pickled herring and snaps. Prices on request.

Tour of medieval Utö House 45 minutes
Tour of the stone house and the archaeological examination. Visiting groups can only reach Utö House by boat. See below. Price SEK 50 per person.

Combinations (contact us)
• Palaces round lake Mälaren. Package with or without overnight stay and visit to other Palaces round lake Mälaren.
• Boats arrangements on lake Mälaren
• Day conferences in Gronsoo palace and other special arrangements